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For more than 70 years, Mary and Martha's Florist has been a part of countless special moments in the lives of Arkadelphia folks.  From the magical time of joining families in marriage, pinning on that corsage for your baby girl’s first prom, celebrating birthdays and special anniversaries, to the difficult time of saying goodbye to a loved one, Mary and Martha’s has shared in the happy and sad times throughout life’s journey.  People often ask, “What flowers can I get now in season?”  Well, it’s pretty amazing that we can say that we receive fresh cut flowers from literally around the world every single day.  That’s pretty neat for a small town like Arkadelphia.  On any given day, we may use beautiful lush hydrangeas grown on the West Coast, roses from Ecuador, tulips from Holland, greenery from Israel, and a variety of other fresh flowers and foliages from all areas of the globe.  And what we do with those flowers is truly art.  Whether a customer is looking for a simple, elegant arrangement of red roses, or if he is searching for a unique, chic combination of garden flowers, we put our whole hearts into the design because we know that it’s going to absolutely make someone’s day.  We are passionate about our work, and it shows. Thank you for your continued business throughout the years.  We constantly strive to earn that business and we pledge to you that we will continue to carry the tradition of providing the perfect flowers for all of life’s special occasions for many years to come

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